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Buy bauer supreme one4 senior hockey stick - name p88 kane or bauer supreme one4 junior hockey stick - name pm9 stamkos offers at everday low prices

  • Bauer Supreme ONE.4 Senior Hockey Stick - Name: P88 Kane

    Bauer Supreme One.4 Senior Hockey Stickpu blade coremid kick pointsupreme power tapersquare double concave shaft dimensionsstandard gloss finish.

    Now: $59.99

  • Bauer Nexus 8000 Composite Mini Stick

    Snipe in floor hockey just like you would on the ice with the Nexus 8000 Mini Composite Stick. This mini stick has the same graphics of the Nexus 8000 Composite Stick to give you the same fresh style. Made from real composite material, this stick will give you the little something extra to score.

    Now: $21.99

  • Bauer Vapor APX Junior Hockey Stick|Name: PM9 Stamkos - Hand: Right

    Bauer Vapor Apx Junior Hockey Stick Patented Dual Density Blade Coremonocomp Technologyintelli-Sense shot technologypure Shot blade profilelightweight Textreme constructionmicro Feel Ii shaft dimensiondouble concave wallsvapor premium dual taper Matte finishstick Weight (Approx.

    Now: $99.98

  • Bauer Nexus 400 Griptac Junior Hockey Stick|Name: PM9 Stamkos

    Powerful shots and durability come hand in hand with the Nexus 400 Composite Stick. The mid kick flex allows you to fire shots at the net with ease. The top of the shaft is softer and allows you to bend the stick more upon impact.

    Now: $37.45

  • Bauer Supreme ONE.4 Junior Hockey Stick - Name: PM9 Stamkos

    Bauer Supreme One.4 Junior Hockey Stickpu blade coremid kick pointsupreme power tapersquare double concave shaft dimensionsstandard gloss finish.

    Now: $36.96

  • Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG Vintage LE Composite Mini Stick - Chicago

    The word original is nothing to joke aboutwithout an original we wouldnt have something as phenomenal as 30 teams in the Nhl today. Celebrate the holiday season with the Bauer Limited Edition Le Vintage Composite Mini Stick. While it might hang out of most stockings, this mini stick makes a great holiday gift for ages 6 and up.

    Now: $24.99

  • Bauer Supreme One.9 Hockey Stick 52 Flex (Right Hand)

    Bauer Supreme One.9 Hockey Stick 52 Flex (Right Hand) -New- Retail Price: $299.99The Supreme series of sticks from Bauer is all about strength and power. The mid-kick flex profile and the Supreme power taper are attributes that are found throughout the line and are engineered to boost energy output.

    Now: $139.99 Save: 26%

  • Bauer Vapor APX2 Grip Composite Senior Hockey Stick (Right Curve P92 95)

    Following in the footsteps of the original model, the Apx 2 stick carries on Bauer's tradition of excellence and quality. Bauer's original Apx featured Intelli-Sense shot technology and flexed based on the position of your hands. The Apx 2 stick continues to utilize this technology, while also making improvements in other areas.

    Now: $259.91


    The Bauer Vapor Apx 2 Hockey Stick is the flagship model in the Bauer Vapor Stick Line. This Apx 2 turns back the clock to offer a completely redesigned blade that has a similar construction and feel to the classic X60 stick, and is much improved from the previous Apx blade.

    Now: $199.95